Nashville Haunted House Tickets

Nashville Haunted House Tickets

Nashville Nightmare Ticket Information



 February 12 and 13

From 7:30 – 10:00 each night

– General $20

– General with Evil Dead Paintball – $25

– Slash Pass $35

– Slash Pass with Evil Dead Paintball -$40

Cupid has raged war against the humans! He despises their love and caring holiday. In an attempt to strike fear and hate into their hearts, he has brought to life his own version of some of the most horrific horror villains of all time! This special 2 night event will let guests tour our Night Terrors facility with over 50 live actors from your favorite Horror and Sci-Fi Films. This is a Full Contact event! Do not purchase tickets if you do not wish to be touched by our actors!!!

Outside of Night Terrors a chainsaw armed, shotgun holding hero is holding off the Deadites with his S Mart friends at the Evil Dead Paintball booth! Step up and grab your boomstick and fire away at the Deadites and save the day!!!


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– Nashville Nightmare excepts cash, Visa, or MasterCard at the venue Box Office or online.
– Nashville Nightmare reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
– Guests will be subject to a security screening before being admitted to Nashville Nightmare. Please leave any weapons or lighters in your car as they will not be allowed in the building.
– Due to long ticket booth lines, we recommend purchasing your tickets online to avoid Box Office lines.
– To have even shorter wait times, purchase the Slashpass, which cuts your wait time by slashing your way to the front of the queue line.