Zombie Apocalypse Live Invades Nashville Nightmare This Weekend

Nashville Nightmares Location and Characters © Nashville NightmaresPhoto © Dieter Spears | Do Not Use Without Permission | All Rights Reserved

Can you fight your way out of the zombie apocalypse?

This weekend, June 24th thru 26th, the dark hallways of Nashville Nightmare will host a very special event. Zombie Apocalypse Live, produced by 13th Floor Entertainment, combines the horror of the walking dead with the actin packed thrills of Call of Duty.

Your team will be issued M4 assault rifles, modified to fire laser blasts, and ushered into the creepy world that only Nashville Nightmare, Nashville’s top rated haunted house, can bring. Once inside, all hell breaks loose as zombies of all shapes and sizes rush in. There is only one way to survive: shoot them in the head. Ammo is in short supply and if you run out, nothing will save you. With the undead hordes closing in on you, you will be praying for the evil to end.

This event is unlike any other Nashville, TN, has ever experienced. The equipment issued has the look and feel of their real world counterpart. The guns have a recoil effects that is 30% like the real gun. And the guns have light emitters in the muzzle to simulate shots. All zombies are equipped with a special headpiece that when struck by the laser of the gun, will indicate a successful kill shot. So while the horrors may be simulated, you will forget your safety in our all immersive haunted house.

Tickets and more details are available now at http://zombieapocalypselive.com/nashville/ , and limited numbers will be available at the Nashville Nightmare box office. Unlike other events held here, space is limited. Don’t miss your chance to experience Zombie Apocalypse Live at Nashville Nightmare Haunted House!