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Well, The Pulse put together a team of some of the biggest horror fans in the area to help you make your decision. Before you get to the blood and guts of our team’s review, you must first take into consideration that none of the haunted houses were bad, and that every haunted house had its own scares. The haunted house industry is a very difficult thing of which to be a part, and much like the monsters there to scare you, can tear you apart at any moment. All of the haunted houses mentioned in the review are worth visiting, but we’ve put together a list from the haunted attractions that were honorable mentions to our favorites, which ultimately ended in a tie. For this review, we took into consideration music, lighting, atmosphere, waiting areas, the monsters, makeup, production design, and how these elements ultimately added to the sensations of panic and terror the group felt as a whole when we attended. Our team would like to thank all of these haunted attractions for their participation and friendliness. The team would also like to offer a special thank you to local horror-hound Dr. Gangrene for helping us set the event up.

Nashville Nightmare

It wasn’t until this year that anyone on the team had heard about using smells as a fear tactic, let alone using 18 different scent combinations to unnerve unassuming patrons. Nashville Nightmare was kind enough to introduce us to this concept in a fashion that is subtle yet all-too-effective. Easily some of the best acting you’ll find in a haunted house (they held four auditions before the season began) the monsters are found sliding and coming out of the floor. In addition to theater-level acting, the haunted house has some of the best scripting, as well as some of the most highly-detailed costumes. Nashville Nightmare is a classic example of what the haunted house should be. Ignoring themes entirely, the thrills flow seamlessly from one corridor to the next, much like the trap doors we’re sure you’ll encounter inside the nightmare.

Facebook Reviews

October 19, 2012
  • Leslie Willis

    My Husband and I are home haunters. We came tonight and we were really impressed. We really enjoyed everything. The sets were great. the actors were great and they really tried to scare us. We came last year also and we definitely saw that there was a ton of improvements and things that were changed. We really enjoyed  ourselves tonight!

    Best haunted attraction of all, liked shared, commented, recommended 5 stars. Passes would be awesome. If not I”ll still come to this one. Its horrifically great


    Ott Denney
    First time in a long time to go as a civilian…lol awesome job all the way around. Creeped out once with the woman sitting in the center of the floor, nothing fancy… Just super creepy, gave me goose bumps.
    The new one… Loved it… Walking into dark rooms with the light wand had me going… The kicker… No sound, added to the creepiness.