Can’t Wait for Halloween? Play These Scary Games at Home

Nashville Haunted HouseHalloween is that one time of the year when you can dress up in the most ghoulish outfit and go to your favorite restaurant where people will simply smile and shake their heads. It’s a great time of the year to plan a big Autumn bash and invite all your friends over for Bloody Mary cocktails and Jack-o-Lantern cookies.

Each year, people from all walks of life search for all-new ways to celebrate All Hollows Eve and some of those festivities can get pretty bizarre. But no party is complete without fun games for everyone to play. So we have put together a few awesome but scary games that you can play at home with friends or at a noisy Halloween bash.

Game One: Poke the Monster in the Eye

Create a ghoulish figure using craft paper and poster board. You can make your monster with one big eye in the center of its forehead. Be sure to add plenty of dripping blood and bony fingers reaching out. Adhere your poster to a cork or wood backing, then put it up on a wall in your living or dining room.

Next you’ll need a dozen or so darts. You can buy these at any toy store. If you like, you can dress up your darts with red streamers. Everyone takes a turn throwing darts at the monster’s eye. If your dart lands within the eye area, you get a point. You can design the eye with several rings and assign greater point values for each ring that is closer to the center.

Game Two: Ghoulish Treasure Hunt

This fun treasure hunt has a macabre twist: all the items are pieces of a dead body or skeleton. Your favorite party store should have a full skeleton that you can purchase and then disassemble so that you have a stack of body parts to hide. Whoever finds the most body parts wins a free trip to the dungeon.

Game Three: Horror Story Evolution

This is a fun game that can be played by a few or a whole group. The first person starts off with a few paragraphs of a well-known story. The host can choose from any novel, movie or short story, but for the Halloween version, choose something ghoulish like Friday the 13th or Frankenstein. Go around the room and let each person add to the story. Encourage your party guests to make up unusual, weird, alien or crazy events and characters for this chilling tale of horror.

Party Tips

Decorating for your Halloween party can be so much fun! Most party stores offer all kinds of streamers and monster-related accessories or you can create your own. Be sure to dress up all your snacks and sweets with plastic or edible snakes, lizards, spiders and bugs. Your Halloween punch bowl can have spiders or eyeballs floating around in it. It’s easy to add spider webs to cakes and cookies using a frosting bag and small tip. Be sure to let even the little ones in the family help out. Have a great Halloween but be safe. Remember when you go out to wear lighter colored clothing so that you are visible to drivers. And don’t forget to take plenty of photographs.