What To Do When Encountering a Zombie

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The word “zombie” comes from Haitian Creole. A zombie is a corpse raised from the dead using black magic. Though tales involving zombies have been popular since the 19th century, George A. Romero’s film, Night of the Living Dead released in 1968, truly brought the legend to the forefront of modern culture. Though the movie only cost $114,000 to make, it grossed $18 million dollars in total and inspired countless remakes.

This classic horror film depicted dead people coming to life and stalking the living. Ben and Barbara are trapped inside a spooky old farmhouse with menacing zombies swarming outside, intent on breaking in to devour the couple. Perhaps the most terrifying idea placed in the heads of movie-goers was that of a monster

which could not be killed. After all, zombies are already dead so how can you kill one? Terrifying thought, right?

Since 1968, other horror filmmakers have utilized that same concept to create monsters like the Terminator, Jaws and Michael Myers of the Halloween movie franchise. These are scary monsters that can’t be killed. They just keep coming at you, making those horrible sounds, and there’s nothing you can do about it. That concept is what fascinated movie-goes all over the world both then and now: Evil that cannot be exterminated!

So what should you do if you encounter a Zombie? Well, some of the Zombie experts we interviewed said that in order to kill one you had to destroy their brain. Apparently, though they are thoroughly dead … dead as a doornail … completely and utterly kaput … their brain is somehow still functioning. (What madness!) Once the brain is destroyed, they’re pretty much history.

Below, are the Top Ten ways to destroy the brain of a Zombie:

  1. Take a clue from the Roadrunner and drop an anvil on its head.
  2. Light the Zombie on fire. After all, those old pieces of cloth it is wrapped in are probably highly flammable.
  3. Three words: Chain saw massacre.
  4. Run over it with a semi-truck.
  5. Stuff it into a wood chipper. This one has been known to backfire and create hundreds of tiny zombies.
  6. Shotgun blast to the head (in slow motion of course).
  7. Loose the Terminator on it and stand back.
  8. Somehow get it on board the next rocket ship and send it into outer space. Though this probably won’t kill the zombie, it will make it someone else’s problem.
  9. Have your Aunt Gertrude sit on it.
  10. If all else fails, feed the Zombie Twinkies, candy bars, and soft drinks until it croaks from a heart attack.
What Would You Do When Encountering a Zombie?