Haunted Houses in Nashville

NN130115017Special Valentines Event!

My Bloody Nightmare! February 12 – 13,  7:30PM – 10PM

Cupid has raged war against the humans! He despises their love and caring holiday. In an attempt to strike fear and hate into their hearts, he has brought to life his own version of some of the most horrific horror villains of all time! This special 2 night event will let guests tour our Night Terrors facility with over 50 live actors from your favorite Horror and Sci-Fi Films. This is a Full Contact event! Do not purchase tickets if you do not wish to be touched by our actors!!!

Outside of Night Terrors a chainsaw armed, shotgun holding hero is holding off the Deadites with his S Mart friends at the Evil Dead Paintball booth! Step up and grab your boomstick and fire away at the Deadites and save the day!!!

This is a Full Contact event and tickets should not be bought if guests do not want to be touched.

Haunted Houses in Nashville  

Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses in Nashville  has Middle Tennessee’s best and scariest Haunted Houses around! We are located at 1016 Madison Square in Nashville, TN 37115. (615)864-7481. We are off of Gallatin Road directly beside J.O.B. Billiards.

haunted houses in nashville tn

Nashville’s Best Haunted Houses! Ranked in the Top 31 Haunted Houses in the Nation by Haunted Attraction Magazine! The Best Haunted Houses in Nashville!


For 2015, Nashville Nightmare has turned our Night Terrors and Horror High Haunted Houses upside down, completely changing the entrances and adding new indoor waiting areas to both of the attractions! We have added more props, more special effects, and brand new sets, to bring you the best Haunted Houses in Nashville!

Nashville Nightmare consists of a self-guided tour through an elaborate and very intense environment, full of dark passages and wandering monsters. It consists of highly detailed scenes, state of the art animations, terrifying live actors, and incredible special effects. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 Nashville Nightmare was voted in the Top 31 Haunted Houses in the Nation by Haunted Attraction Magazine, and #1 for the best Haunted Houses in Nashville by multiple media sources and Haunt enthusiasts! For the 2015 season Nashville Nightmare will open its doors once again with two separate Haunted Houses on its property, Night Terrors and Horror High, which will continue to make Nashville Nightmare the ultimate Nashville TN Haunted House Destination!

Night Terrors Haunted House

Journey through 25,000 square feet of nightmarish worlds and experience true terror around every corner!  Just keep telling yourself it’s only a nightmare! You have been selected to tour through the remains of the Ragnarok research facility! Ragnarok Research opened its doors in the late 60’s as a government research facility. Not long after opening its doors claims of human and animal experimentation caused the facility to shut down. A chemical known to cause extreme Nightmares was known to be at the front of the procedures but no trace of the toxin was ever found. Fast forward to 2015! Nashville Nightmare has found a batch of a specific Toxin know as The Night Terrors Strain on property! During your tour of the research facility you will be administered a small dose of “Night Terrors”. While under the influence of the toxin your mind will take you through 13 nightmarish worlds!



Horror High Haunted House

Tour through the abandoned remains of the old Madison Square School House! The Madison Square School House opened its doors in 1968. In the winter of 1970, a fire destroyed the lower floor of the property and claimed the lives of several faculty and students, however the Principal of The School House was never found. The school was locked down and abandoned, or was it?  Reports of strange noises and dark figures have been documented on the lower floor of the old school and even the students and teachers of the College that has leased the upper level of the property, complain of random noise heard below. The Nashville Nightmare crew has decided to pry open the doors of this Haunted High School of Horror for self guided tours! Will you have what it takes to go back to school, or will you play hookie from Horror High Haunted House!

Rated #1 Haunted Houses in Nashville by the Nashville Scene

Nashville Haunted Houses