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Haunted House in Nashville  

Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses in Nashville  has Middle Tennessee’s best and scariest Haunted Houses around! We are located at 1016 Madison Square in Nashville, TN 37115. (615)864-7481. We are off of Gallatin Road directly beside J.O.B. Billiards.


Nashville Nightmares Mutant Miner in a dark alley | Haunted Houses in Nashville TNNashville’s Best Haunted Houses! Ranked in the Top 31 Haunted Houses in the Nation by Haunted Attraction Magazine! The Best Haunted Houses in Nashville!


Entering it’s sixth year of fear, Nashville Nightmare has brought together the top talent in the area to enter a new level of terror. We are packing in more horror, more screams, and more nightmares into every inch of our over 50,000 square feet of space!.

Nashville Nightmare consists of a self-guided tour through an elaborate and very intense environment, full of dark passages and wandering monsters. It consists of highly detailed scenes, state of the art animations, terrifying live actors, and incredible special effects. Since 2013, Nashville Nightmare was voted in the Top 31 Haunted Houses in the Nation by Haunted Attraction Magazine, and #1 for the best Haunted Houses in Nashville by multiple media sources and Haunt enthusiasts! This year, Nashville Nightmare raises the bar for all haunted houses in Nashville, offering FOUR ALL NEW HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS! These terrifying haunts will continue to make Nashville Nightmare the ultimate Nashville TN Haunted House Destination!

3 demionic creatures inside Nashville Nightmare Haunted House | Nashville's scariest haunted house


Night Terrors

Enter into an industrial horror complex, where Necro-Toxins are pumped into your system as you encounter nightmarish creatures and scenes that only dwell deep within the dark recesses of your mind. Travel through the dark tunnels and sewers leading you into the remains of the Antioch Asylum. Evil priest have begun summoning demonic entities that will drive you deeper into the very heart of hell!  Night Terrors is all new this year at Nashville’s top haunted house, Nashville Nightmare!


Fairy Tale Hell

These are not your children’s fairy tales. Nashville Nightmare, one of the top haunted houses in TN, has searched into the grim memoirs to find the darkest twists on your favorite stories. Peter Pumpkin Eater, Little Red Riding Hood, and many more characters will destroy what you once thought as beautiful and pure as we provide a nightmarish spin on these classic stories. You will find yourself begging for this to only be make believe as you journey through Fairy Tale Hell!


Horror High: The Final Exam

No more pencils. No more books. It’s time for the finals. The ghoulish principal is very upset with your behavior and sentences you to eternal detention! Creep through the halls of our horror high, but don’t let the staff catch you, or there will be Hell to pay. From the biology lab, the chop shop, and even the janitor’s closet, you will have to pass all the tests in order to graduate. Start studying now, cause being held back means never seeing the light of day again! Classes begin in September at Horror High:The Final Exam , only at Nashville Nightmare Haunted House.


Industrial Undead

Information Coming Soon on this apocalyptic encounter



Rated #1 Haunted Houses in Nashville by the Nashville Scene! Ranked as one of the must see haunted houses in the US by Coaster Nation!